“Моята рисунка е най-добра и аз искам на мама да я подаря.”

A short story about me

My name is Mila and I love making things with my hands, transforming unused and unnecessary objects into something useful, making my dreams come true and practicing what I’ve read in the books. I am very curious and like experimenting. By education, I am a psychologist and a translator, but by passion, I wish to bring joy and create useful things.

I believe that when someone truly wishes something it happens, that we are learning by making mistakes, that things happen by purpose and that the real calling of all human beings is helping and doing good deeds.

I believe that the creativity and the imagination are strength that we possess but first we have to wake up and then learn how to use.

When my son David was born, the long walks in the park and the endless dreams about future started. As usual my ideas were popping like popcorn in my head and were competing which one to be the first. I had a variety of desires – I wanted to be useful, not to leave the children’s world, to create, to have fun and to bring joy to other people.

And one day, while my son and I were drawing, one idea float into the sky. I told to myself: “That would be – a drawing on a fabric”. I thought that wearing your kid’s drawing is something very personal, emotional and why not ecological.
I decided to transform children’s drawings in fabric pattern with which to sew a tote bag or any other textile product, which can be used in our everyday life.

My personal message to you is: “Let’s think about our mother Nature, to keep and love her, to look after her and to enjoy her as we do with our own children. Let’s keep the memory forever and wear it with us in order to show our smart and cute children how much we love them and how beautiful is to create.”

My idea wouldn’t be happened without the help of my love and David’s father, my family and close friends. I love you and thank you for your heart and smiles, for your support and love.

I want to thank you, too – my reader, for your interest to read the story of “a drawing on a fabric” and I hope you will open the box with all drawings of your little artist soon and will transform them in a lifelong memory!

Mila Atanasova – Miloky
Creator of the idea of “a drawing on a fabric” and a truly follower of the good deeds.